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Beach and Summer Shoes

Beach and Summer Shoes

Beach and Summer Shoes by michaelsclogs featuring flat shoes

MICHAEL Michael Kors strappy sandals
$84 – neimanmarcus.com

Sperry Top-Sider strappy sandals
$98 – sperrytopsider.com

Dune flat shoes
£135 – houseoffraser.co.uk

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Would You Wear It: Cut-Out One Piece

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Warning: “Comfortable ” Spring Shoes Can Be Bad for Your Feet

Those fancy flip-flops might be hurting your feet.By Deborah Wilburn

Spring is here, and so are chic ballet flats, flip-flops, and sky-high platform sandals. They’re comfortable shoes, and trendy, too, but are they good for your feet?

Not so much, says Dawn Olsen Figlo, MD, a certified foot surgeon in New York City. Even though many women think flats are a foot-friendly alternative, “ballet slippers are the worst shoe anyone can wear,” she says. “There’s no support whatsoever and the ankle can turn in too much or turn out.”


From me:

After I read te article I was reminded of great piece of shoe advice wear shoes that suit the job. I love wear high heels and I have a collection of high heeled clogs and on average as a blogger/marketer no one ever sees me on a professional level in flat shows. Here is my secret to comfortable feet and legs.

  1. Find the shoe that fits that days activity
  2. Keep on pair on easy on easy off shoes in the car
  3. Make sure you can just about wiggle your toes in your shoes
  4. Make sure you have arch support
Style and comfort can be found together if shoes are planned out properly. Be honest about the days activities. Who are you going to see in the meeting today?  Who is going to be at the party? Make sure you change your shoe and sock often through out the day. Your toes need air. That dark damp place where your feet stay in any shoes can cause fungus. Apply a fungicide when you do your pedicure. Go once a month for a professional pedicure. When I say pedicure do mean tips’ on the toes I mean they soak and massage your feet. Think about the 10,000 steps you will take in the day.

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American Eagle Hipster Clog

American Eagle Hipster Clog


These clogs are quite comfortable When I received them knowing what the price point was at about $30 I did not expect much at all. I looked them over and the upper in leather or suede the bottoms are total man made. They have a cushy fleece line for warm toes and the heel is padded. The overall balance of the shoe is amazing I walked around downtown for 8 hours in complete comfort. My feet did not grow tired. With the colour style and balance of platform and 3 inch heel I got lots of compliments on with them. I even wore them to a business meeting and yes I did get the sales. Be careful with or sizing I order the size 11 based on my foot length but reality is I could have gotten the size 10. They are little bigger than they appear. Wide feet should be fine also. I have a narrow foot and the size 11 as a bit much space. Enjoy they are a great buy.



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Winter Toe Warmers

It getting cooler outside and summer is fading away. Soon it well time for warm snuggles by the fireplace. With all that I thought I would some of my favorite slippers. Some of these comfy toe warmers can be worn outside and are great for the drive home after work after all just because the season is changing does not change the fact the our feet need air and we must swap shoes according to what we are doing. We should have a cozzy pair of shoes for the drive home.

I love warming my feet by a the fire place it relaxing to hear the crackle of easy glow of the flame. A light rub of massage oil to help keep some moisture in so there no winter crack and burning is always nice. A warm drink also helps take away the cold of winter.


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A plain Lady Gaga

This is Lady Gaga with out make up. We are used to seeing this face with flamboyant outfits and make-up. How many remember her meat dress and hand bag to match at an award show. Folk this is what Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta underneath all the Gaga gear. I love her style for being her personality and no others. She is a fantastic performer and song writer. I must this move to she herself as she was born is no surprise to me. This photo fits in with this is me and I am not like any other. Lady Gaga is showing she proud to be just her.
Thank you Lady Gaga for being you and thank you for this picture of Stefani.

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Sam Edelman shoes on sale at Endless.com

Sam Edelman at ShopStyle

Sam Edelman shoes epitomize chic comfort. With exceptional materials and fine styling, each pair of Sam Edelman shoes is an affordable luxury that cleverly combines a youthful outlook with a worldly sensibility. Sophistication with down-to-earth appeal mean that these shoes are made to be lived in. Whether it’s a classic revisited for a modern interpretation or a cutting edge design, Sam Edelman shoes always keep an emphasis on comfort.

Comes in three colours stone (not shown her in the blog), black, and blue 

Other Sam Edelman Shoes on sale at Endless.com. Just click though to visit their sale

Happy Shopping
Michael’s Clogs

For more Sam Edelman shoes on sale at Endless.com click here

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A classic trend is definitely back this fall. I would always suggest have a pair of loafer in the closest because the classic style it offers to the wardrobe. Other benefit would also include the conservative nature of the shoe for business meeting s and it is just plain easy to wear. With that let’s look at the years trend in the High Heel Loafer. This shoe has appeared on the runways this year and is a must have for fall.

High Heel Loafer
Trotters, Enzo Angiolini, Franco Sarto, Michael Kors
A Fall Trend

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Strange Luxury Items

Would you pay lots of money for a shopping because it has a designer name on it. According to the Wall Street Journal the public in Korea would do just that. Some this has to do with the thickness of the paper as well as the glossy logos. It is still hard to imagine paying up $30 for a paper-shopping bag that says Chanel on it. Korea this all makes sense and they are happy to market these used bags.

Chipkos.com has the most expensive pair of flip-flops with a price tag of $18,000. Ok this is a holy wow but they do have designs on them by David Palmer. Trust me to wear these to the beach is a waste of money and for that reason chipkos.com has more reasonable sandals at closer to $50.

When people have money to spend on thing they do. What amazes me what can be turned into a luxury item just because of a demand or design. While, for the average person these two items may sound crazy but to the people designing, manufacturing and buying these things maybe not so. I decided to right about this just because it fun to read about. Enjoy your life wherever you are reading my words


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Chanel No.19 is Back (Relaunch of Fragrance)

Photo: Bobby DohertyWe just took a look back at Coco Chanel’s iconic style, and now we’ve gotten an up-close glimpse at the new iteration of Chanel No. 19 — the final fragrance created under the designer’s helm. (Number 19 represents Chanel’s birth date — today, August 19th.) The original scent, a mix of floral, wood and grassy notes, has been updated to feel fresher, more modern: Though it starts out super green, it soon warms into something sweet (though not overly so) and slightly musky with a powdery finish. The result is soft and subtle, but still classically Chanel.

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