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Fashion for Small Feet

I was poking around today just trying to find a new pair of shoe fr myself when I found this at sexyshoesexpert.com. Resource I mean real source that have High Heel Shoes for ladies with feet as small as size 3. The selection is not huge but the shoes are very stylish. So here is the post I found. Please feel free to check out the shoe sites listed.

The Sexy Shoes Expert inbox has been buzzing with emails lately. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback and comments. Here is a question from Sandy in St. Paul, she writes “I enjoy your website and come back a couple times a week to read your newest articles. Since you are the expert I have a question for you. I have very small feet, size 3, and I have a hard time finding high heels in my size. Any suggestions?”

First of all, thank you Sandy for your great question and allowing me to make it public.

A lot of small stature ladies find themselves in this kind of dilemma.

You finally find the perfect pair of high heels and the shoe company doesn’t produce the pair of shoes in your size.

Shoes for small feet

There are several things you can do if the shoes have closed toes and are only one to two sizes too large. One quick remedy is to stuff tissue paper in the front of the shoe to fill out the extra space. You could also wear a pair of no-show socks or Flats to Go, this will help fill in the extra space of the whole shoe. There is really not much you can do when it comes to sandals, other open toed shoes and shoes that are two or more sizes larger than your feet. If you wear shoes and boots that are way too big, you will end up wobbling around like a drunken sailor due to a lack of support. Now that is neither sexy nor fashionable.

Here are some websites I found that have a good selection of dainty sized women’s shoes at a reasonable price:
Cinderella of Boston– High heeled shoes, sandals and boots in sizes 2 – 5 ½ (1 – 3 ½ UK, 31 ½ – 35 Euro).
Dainty Feet.com – company is based in England and exclusively stocks women’s shoes sizes 3 – 5 (1 – 3 UK, 32.5 – 34 Euro).
Pretty Small Shoes – Petite shoes in small shoe sizes 2 – 5 (13 – 3 UK, 32 – 35 Euro), also based in England.

Petite sexy shoes

If you are willing to spend the extra money, here is a great custom made shoes website:
Shoes of Prey – hand made beautiful small shoes for women with small feet, designed by you. Starting at size 2 ½ (12 ½ UK child, 31 Euro, 20 Japan).

Keep in mind, if you are a size 2 you can’t possibly wear a high heel, anything over 3 ½”. There just isn’t enough foot to walk on. Most of us are not professional ballerinas, and walking on the tip of your toes is very difficult and painful.

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Warning: “Comfortable ” Spring Shoes Can Be Bad for Your Feet

Those fancy flip-flops might be hurting your feet.By Deborah Wilburn

Spring is here, and so are chic ballet flats, flip-flops, and sky-high platform sandals. They’re comfortable shoes, and trendy, too, but are they good for your feet?

Not so much, says Dawn Olsen Figlo, MD, a certified foot surgeon in New York City. Even though many women think flats are a foot-friendly alternative, “ballet slippers are the worst shoe anyone can wear,” she says. “There’s no support whatsoever and the ankle can turn in too much or turn out.”


From me:

After I read te article I was reminded of great piece of shoe advice wear shoes that suit the job. I love wear high heels and I have a collection of high heeled clogs and on average as a blogger/marketer no one ever sees me on a professional level in flat shows. Here is my secret to comfortable feet and legs.

  1. Find the shoe that fits that days activity
  2. Keep on pair on easy on easy off shoes in the car
  3. Make sure you can just about wiggle your toes in your shoes
  4. Make sure you have arch support
Style and comfort can be found together if shoes are planned out properly. Be honest about the days activities. Who are you going to see in the meeting today?  Who is going to be at the party? Make sure you change your shoe and sock often through out the day. Your toes need air. That dark damp place where your feet stay in any shoes can cause fungus. Apply a fungicide when you do your pedicure. Go once a month for a professional pedicure. When I say pedicure do mean tips’ on the toes I mean they soak and massage your feet. Think about the 10,000 steps you will take in the day.

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Did you get your Footzy Rolls Today

Did you ever go out in the ultra sexy shoes and you knew you look great all night in them? Here it is late and your feet are tired and need comfort now. Footzyrolls™ have the solution. Simply unroll a pair of Footzyrolls™ and make your feet loved after working for you.

Footzyrolls™ are an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe. They deliver a level of style and give the ultimate in comfort. They are waterproof and skid proof thus making them easy to walk in especially after a night in those sexy stilettos. They come in ballet slipper or as a flip-flop and the price start at less than $20.

See Your Favorite Celebrities in FootzyRolls™ & FootzyFolds!!

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Aldo and Mark Fast

I found this on Yahoo shine today. This is the first look at a sketch of a Wedge shoe by Mark Fast for a new Aldo Shoe collection. I can’t wait to see what comes of this but please read the story below.

First Look: Mark Fast for Aldo Shoes

Photo Courtesy of Aldo
Sketch by Mark Fast for Aldo

Leading Canadian designer Mark Fast has revealed a sketch from his upcoming collaboration with Aldo shoes. Alongside J.W. Anderson and Preen, the three London-based talents will be a part of the Aldo Rise collaboration line which puts the spotlight on young talents (like those Ikat wedges by Julian Louie).

With a bit of raffia fringe, leather and his signature knit, Fast spills on what expect from the capsule collection: “This collaboration has given me the opportunity to work with new shoe technology and resources. We are having a great time working together and the Aldo team have been quite inspiring in their innovations. We have a great deal of creative synergy. It’s nice to be tied to my roots again with a Canadian enterprise! The collection is about sexy, strong, fierce African fabulousness!”

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A classic trend is definitely back this fall. I would always suggest have a pair of loafer in the closest because the classic style it offers to the wardrobe. Other benefit would also include the conservative nature of the shoe for business meeting s and it is just plain easy to wear. With that let’s look at the years trend in the High Heel Loafer. This shoe has appeared on the runways this year and is a must have for fall.

High Heel Loafer
Trotters, Enzo Angiolini, Franco Sarto, Michael Kors
A Fall Trend

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Mia Hyram

Mia Hyram
Mia 2, Mia
I saw a lady wearing these sandal in down town Vancouver

The person wearing these sandal had her toes painted with pink sparkle polish. She was wearing black leggings with a black loose fitting tee. She was with her teenage children making a withdraw from an ATM. I told her that it was a shame I did not have my camera to photograph her for this blog. Trust me she was very smartly dress for a day with the kids on a warm sunny day. She said that the sandals where extremely comfortable and easy to wear

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SKECHERS Bella Ballerina

Bella Ballerina: Prima

Ballet flats take on a whole new meaning with the SKECHERS Bella Ballerina: Prima shoe. Smooth leather and shiny patent leather upper in a casual mary jane with ruffle and gem detail and spinning disk on sole.


Please read safety instructions before use

  • Bella B. shoes are full of fun and glee, just a few steps and you’re a twirling machine!
  • Make sure your shoes are nice and secure, and no loose objects are found on the floor
  • Once that is done you can get on your toes, push with your other foot, and around you go!
  • Make up your own style of tricks to do, and let Bella bring out the Ballerina in you
  • Take time to get acquainted with the shoes, practice with an adult supervising you
  • Use caution when spinning like a top, and if you feel like you’re getting dizzy or off balance – stop!
  • Place your other foot to stop your spin, a little practice and you’re ready to begin


  • Smooth leather and shiny patent leather upper
  • Stitching accents
  • Fun swirl spiral print designs
  • Shiny patent leather overlays
  • Satiny fabric ruffle accents
  • Metallic front and side stripes with colorful gems
  • SKECHERS and Bella Ballerina logo detailing
  • Top strap with adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Soft fabric shoe lining
  • Cushioned insole, shock absorbing midsole
  • Rubber traction outsole with spinning disk feature on forefoot
  • Smooth spinning disk with rubber traction surface
  • Sizes start at preschool 10.5 for safety reasons


Also view this post with all effects here

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Shoe for men

Shop Tsubo.com for the all new Men’s Tacoma Shoe.

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Still a flat day

Basiliere $50 $24.98 Aldo

STEVE MADDEN SHOES Grooom Thong Sandal Multi $79 $47.40 Jildor

STEVE MADDEN SHOES I-Kitchi Ballet Flat Silver Fabric $99 $57.40 Jildor

STEVE MADDEN SHOES Brennaa Flat Sandal Black Leather $79 $47.40 Jildor

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A Flat Day

Well you can’t wear heel and platforms all the time (or can you)!

Nine West Shoes, Wowza Sandals $79 $47.40

Candie's® flats $44.99 $29.99 Kohl's

Born Shoes, Sella Sandals - A Macy's Exclusive $80 $49.99 Macy's

Nyle Sandal $58 $42.99 Need Supply Co.

Kortship $79.95 $59.95 Steve Madden

Bonnyy $79.95 $44.95 Steve Madden

JESSICA SIMPSON Bethine Leather Buckled Flats $69 $29.99 Lord & Taylor

Click on the image and buy now!!! Happy Shopping!!

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