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Lovely Red Shoes in Fashion

If we’re sure of anything, it’s that Claire Danes knows the power of bold color. Not only did the star arrive to The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday sporting new red locks, but she also debuted a head-to-toe red ensemble.

Before we get into all the different ways you can wear red, let’s talk about the psychology of this color, because these can be important points to consider when wearing the color.

The first thing I always tell my clients is to never ask for something wearing red.  Red can often be considered an intense or angry color that has the ability to evoke aggression in others.  Asking for something, like a raise for example, wearing a lot of red isn’t something I’d recommend.

At the same time, red is also energizing; it excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.  Signifying a more pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, it is why you often see male leaders in red ties.

Now, interestingly, you can also read more about The Red Dress Effect, which claims that “red dresses muddle men’s minds” and that “men rate women wearing red clothing as being more interested in sex, hinting that humans may be conditioned to associate the color with fertility.”  In summary, the article encourages women to wear red cautiously and thoughtfully as the color does have the ability to send mixed messages to men.

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Summer Sandals for Target

Great Style can be found inexpensively and Target is one of those places with there Mossimo Supply Co. There size seem to be a bit large. I wear a size 10 and I am actually wearing a 9.5 in these shoes.

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Sexy Michael Antonio Shoes

Bare your feet in Michael Antonio sexy sandals.

Michael Antonio Women’s Katniss Open-Toe Pump. Easy to wear for most occasions. 

Michael Antonio Women’s Garrick Wedge Sandal. Sexy strappy and casual

Michael Antonio Women’s Tamaya Platform Sandal

Michael Antonio Women’s Torio-Pat Platform Sandal. Platform to help your sexy strut

Michael Antonio Women’s Lovina Platform Sandal

Michael Antonio Women’s Tamms Rep Platform Sandal

Michael Antonio Women’s Gracey Wedge Sandal 

All of the shoes are ready for you to go buy in our just and the Amazon shopping cart will take the order. 

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The Great Shoe Sale In Cloverdale BC Canada

I found these to ladies who are passionate about fashion shopping and saving money. You can get saving of up to 80% off normal prices with them. Leslie and Alyson are the Designer Discount Divas. They shop to find real designer product at prices that even wholesalers wish they could. The best part is they sell direct to the public. Come this weekend to their next sale at the Holiday Inn in Cloverdale BC. They will fill a ballroom with with the most desire fashion footwear and other fashionable desires. The is must see and buy show. I give this one of my high recommendations.

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Surrey East – Cloverdalemore info
17530 64 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 1Y9, Canada
+1 604-576-8862

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Fashion for Small Feet

I was poking around today just trying to find a new pair of shoe fr myself when I found this at sexyshoesexpert.com. Resource I mean real source that have High Heel Shoes for ladies with feet as small as size 3. The selection is not huge but the shoes are very stylish. So here is the post I found. Please feel free to check out the shoe sites listed.

The Sexy Shoes Expert inbox has been buzzing with emails lately. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback and comments. Here is a question from Sandy in St. Paul, she writes “I enjoy your website and come back a couple times a week to read your newest articles. Since you are the expert I have a question for you. I have very small feet, size 3, and I have a hard time finding high heels in my size. Any suggestions?”

First of all, thank you Sandy for your great question and allowing me to make it public.

A lot of small stature ladies find themselves in this kind of dilemma.

You finally find the perfect pair of high heels and the shoe company doesn’t produce the pair of shoes in your size.

Shoes for small feet

There are several things you can do if the shoes have closed toes and are only one to two sizes too large. One quick remedy is to stuff tissue paper in the front of the shoe to fill out the extra space. You could also wear a pair of no-show socks or Flats to Go, this will help fill in the extra space of the whole shoe. There is really not much you can do when it comes to sandals, other open toed shoes and shoes that are two or more sizes larger than your feet. If you wear shoes and boots that are way too big, you will end up wobbling around like a drunken sailor due to a lack of support. Now that is neither sexy nor fashionable.

Here are some websites I found that have a good selection of dainty sized women’s shoes at a reasonable price:
Cinderella of Boston– High heeled shoes, sandals and boots in sizes 2 – 5 ½ (1 – 3 ½ UK, 31 ½ – 35 Euro).
Dainty Feet.com – company is based in England and exclusively stocks women’s shoes sizes 3 – 5 (1 – 3 UK, 32.5 – 34 Euro).
Pretty Small Shoes – Petite shoes in small shoe sizes 2 – 5 (13 – 3 UK, 32 – 35 Euro), also based in England.

Petite sexy shoes

If you are willing to spend the extra money, here is a great custom made shoes website:
Shoes of Prey – hand made beautiful small shoes for women with small feet, designed by you. Starting at size 2 ½ (12 ½ UK child, 31 Euro, 20 Japan).

Keep in mind, if you are a size 2 you can’t possibly wear a high heel, anything over 3 ½”. There just isn’t enough foot to walk on. Most of us are not professional ballerinas, and walking on the tip of your toes is very difficult and painful.

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Bond Girls and Bond Style –

James Bond 007 has been known for years a the film with a uber masculine spy has the hero. His not invincible but he has a way of avoiding every fatal situation he encounters. The characters style is one of the always well dressed he never without a tuxedo and the rest of his clothing is always well tailored so he becomes irresistible to every woman he meets. As for the women they are flawless. All the Bonds girls have bodies to match the 007 ego. So we should also be able to find some of the sexiest shoe styles on the Bond Girls’feet. Sling Backs and slides are probably two sexiest way t display the female foot. These shoes show the bare heel pedicured toes and shape the leg and ankle as the meet her sexy foot. The ladies next to the super spy must be equally as tantalizing and her shoes will help do the trick. So first we are looking at a composite of the most of our Bond girls then some shoes they wore. Lastly just click on shoes that you know will give you that same sexy look.

Some of the sexy shoe style these ladies have worn. Click one these images to purchase the styles Sling Backs

Stiletto Slides

Stiletto Sandals

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Fall Style 2012 (casual)

This year Fall brings us Equestrian Style.

Legging or skinnies with boots are going to be hitting the streets this fall. Look for blazer and blouses to be the thing. So grab a riding crop and maybe a horse to we can jump some fences while we show off our form fitting outfit. Curvy ladies don’t find a slightly longer jacket with lapels to match this look.

Most “Riding come in low heels making this very accessible to all women but this blog is about Sexy High Heel Shoes and I am going to include some high heel boots and bootie that will match up.


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Aldo Higuey

Ok in a nutshell follow the bullet points

  • Peetoe
  • T-Strap
  • Wood Platform
  • 5 inches in height
  • Beautifully Studded
  • Clearance Price

Do we need anymore reason to buy these shoes? They are adorable and will match most wardrobes. I do highly recommend this shoe.

See ya Later girls

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Warning: “Comfortable ” Spring Shoes Can Be Bad for Your Feet

Those fancy flip-flops might be hurting your feet.By Deborah Wilburn

Spring is here, and so are chic ballet flats, flip-flops, and sky-high platform sandals. They’re comfortable shoes, and trendy, too, but are they good for your feet?

Not so much, says Dawn Olsen Figlo, MD, a certified foot surgeon in New York City. Even though many women think flats are a foot-friendly alternative, “ballet slippers are the worst shoe anyone can wear,” she says. “There’s no support whatsoever and the ankle can turn in too much or turn out.”


From me:

After I read te article I was reminded of great piece of shoe advice wear shoes that suit the job. I love wear high heels and I have a collection of high heeled clogs and on average as a blogger/marketer no one ever sees me on a professional level in flat shows. Here is my secret to comfortable feet and legs.

  1. Find the shoe that fits that days activity
  2. Keep on pair on easy on easy off shoes in the car
  3. Make sure you can just about wiggle your toes in your shoes
  4. Make sure you have arch support
Style and comfort can be found together if shoes are planned out properly. Be honest about the days activities. Who are you going to see in the meeting today?  Who is going to be at the party? Make sure you change your shoe and sock often through out the day. Your toes need air. That dark damp place where your feet stay in any shoes can cause fungus. Apply a fungicide when you do your pedicure. Go once a month for a professional pedicure. When I say pedicure do mean tips’ on the toes I mean they soak and massage your feet. Think about the 10,000 steps you will take in the day.

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My Spriing Favorites

View here and read the commentary then click on our sister blog to ORDER
My Spriing Favorites

As you know that Spring is just the being of my favorite time of year. It bring warm air sunshine and our ability to show our best sexy open and strappy shoes. The shoes in the post our some of what I think to be must haves.

Wear sandals to the beach know you have the sexy must haves by the water. These picks allow the whole pedicure to show in comfort and style. Dam I love this time of year in the sunshine!


All of these shoes are great for spring the first group I would pair with jean and following tops for a whimpsy look. The next set is great with sundresses and shorts because they are flat wear them for that fun beach trip or picnic.The last group is great for your work and office this warm season.

View here and read the commentary then click on our sister blog to ORDER

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