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If we’re sure of anything, it’s that Claire Danes knows the power of bold color. Not only did the star arrive to The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday sporting new red locks, but she also debuted a head-to-toe red ensemble.

Before we get into all the different ways you can wear red, let’s talk about the psychology of this color, because these can be important points to consider when wearing the color.

The first thing I always tell my clients is to never ask for something wearing red.  Red can often be considered an intense or angry color that has the ability to evoke aggression in others.  Asking for something, like a raise for example, wearing a lot of red isn’t something I’d recommend.

At the same time, red is also energizing; it excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.  Signifying a more pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, it is why you often see male leaders in red ties.

Now, interestingly, you can also read more about The Red Dress Effect, which claims that “red dresses muddle men’s minds” and that “men rate women wearing red clothing as being more interested in sex, hinting that humans may be conditioned to associate the color with fertility.”  In summary, the article encourages women to wear red cautiously and thoughtfully as the color does have the ability to send mixed messages to men.

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