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Winter Toe Warmers

It getting cooler outside and summer is fading away. Soon it well time for warm snuggles by the fireplace. With all that I thought I would some of my favorite slippers. Some of these comfy toe warmers can be worn outside and are great for the drive home after work after all just because the season is changing does not change the fact the our feet need air and we must swap shoes according to what we are doing. We should have a cozzy pair of shoes for the drive home.

I love warming my feet by a the fire place it relaxing to hear the crackle of easy glow of the flame. A light rub of massage oil to help keep some moisture in so there no winter crack and burning is always nice. A warm drink also helps take away the cold of winter.


Check our new Comunity on Blogfrog to share your perfect winter night

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new pages

I have start a few new pages to make our shopping lives easier. Finding great shoes is not always an easy task. I have added a shoe link page that has my sponsors listed. Then there is the new Shoe Pick and Deals (linked to buy page) I hope these page make shopping easier through this blog. I also hope to encourage everyone to send links favorite shoe buys

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More Flats Worthy of Mention

This is a continuation of a previous blogs about flats and the great style they provide. So check these click and check some of the deals. We all do love deals.
BORN Suede Flats Flats Shoes Pink Womens

BORN Suede Flats Width – Medium (B, M) Heel Height – 0.25 Inch Heel Material – Genuine Suede Upper and Man Made Sole

TORY BURCH Reva Ballet Flats Flats Shoes Orange Womens

TORY BURCH Thora Powder Suede Width – Medium (B, M) True Color – Silver Upper Material – Suede Outsole Material – Man-Made Insole Material – Leather Lining Material – Leather Heel Height – Flat (0 to 1/2″) Style Description – Thora powder suede flip flop is the summer’s best friend. Keep your toes cool in these trendy sandals. Great for hanging out at the pool or lounging on the beach. 

MICHAEL KORS Reese Open Toe Twill Flats Shoes Brown Womens

MICHAEL KORS Reese Open Toe Twill Width – Medium (B, M) Heel Height – 0.5 Inch Heel Material – Genuine Leather-Textile Upper and Man Made Sole


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Flats for the new season

Flats are big this spring I am noticing hot styles in ballet slippers. Ladies are wearing them with everything for

comfort and making them look great. When picking a pair be sure they fit so your arch is support and just enough

toe cleavage is shown. Now go find the fav outfit that you love your heels with and try flats with it. These shoes are

best with jeans and leggings. Avoid pattern hosiery and ankle high height. Petite ladies try something with a 1-inch

heel to stretch your calves and look longer.

These shoes are best with jeans and leggings.

She is not wearing a pattern at her ankle for a clean look


Checkout this selection by Michael Kors

MICHAEL KORS Dayton Flat Flats Shoes Gold Womens

Ballet Flat and Cuffed Jeans

A nice amount of toe cleavage for a causal but sexy look

MICHAEL KORS Berkley Flat Flats Shoes White Womens

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Dan Clog Review

Recently I tried a new pair of Dan Clogs. They are black with closed back.
The Dan Clogs 2380 is very comfortable and molds to the foot. I notice after a couple of days of wear that these clogs snuggled nicely against my arch for a great fit.

I wore these clogs to do a paper route that I had jump over fences and run through mud puddles. Yes I ran in them and very comfortably. After I was done this one-mile of mud running and jump. My feet were completely dry.  The Permair Leather does resist water. I was able to just wipe them back k clean again. Oh yeah I am impressed. I hate wet dirty feet. I spent at least an hour in the rain and mud in the clog and came home with dry feet.

Like I said I ran in the mud and rain while delivering newspapers. I have done the same thing in sneakers and I slipped and stumbled. The non-skid soles really work. I did not slip or slide on any of the brick or tile door front with the clogs being coated in mud and wet from the rain. The makers of these clogs made good use the PU material.

I said before I ran in these clogs. While this was not a full out right sprint like in a pair of sneaker it was a pretty quick pace jog.  The pace I ran was comfortable in the clogs and I was able to run the one-mile route. These are clogs and running can be a little difficult. That was not the case running was comfortable.

The only real problem was I had to wear I full size bigger to get that good fit.

Overall these are great shoes that I would recommend to any
nurse, health care worker, chef, or restaurant server. The fit is comfortable.
They are easy to keep clean. The non-skid sole are a real safety. Look from
them at our store site in Brown, Dark Brown Nu
, Red, White, Black, and Black Nu


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New Boots


Leather Boot with Low Heel


Combat Boot


Flat Black Leather Boot

All of these boots are on sale at Michael’s Clogs

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New Shoes

Shop for sexy lingerie at Henry and June

Costume Craze: 100s of Costumes Up to 60% Off!

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Hallow Time for Shoes

Time for Ghosts and Goblins at least for the kids. We adults do have parties and love to dress up to so we at Michael’s Clogs have our annual Halloween Special with 2nd Day Air Express Service from UPS. We will post more pics of the shoes list though out the Special.

School Girl Mary Jane

School Girl Mary Jane

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Credit Cards

We are now accepting Visa and Mastercard directly. It has been a long process with the banks but we have a our credit processor on our. We still will accept Pay Pal (this is a great resource). It is now now easier to order from Michael’s Clogs

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Healthy Feet

Your feet can have clues to your overall health. The way your feet look or fell can lead doctors to check you for things like kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. I am not a doctor so I will not post the actual signs but I will tell you if you have a long time foot pain go to a doctor. That little pain could be a sign of something more serious.

Just because you are pain free does not mean you should abuse your feet. A good number of the bodies nerves end in the foot. Pedicures can help keep you healthy. Once a week you should take time to give forget your self a pedicure. Daily make you use plenty of warm water and soap to keep your feet clean. I f you have a spouse or partner massage each others feet on a regular basis. These practices will help you live healthier and longer.

This is a shoes blog so I do have to say pick shoes that fits what you are using them for don’t wear sneakers of runner for a job that you are standing still on. Don’t wear sandals when you have walk or move around a lot. Clogs are ideal footwear for nurses, chefs, or retail workers. Change you shoes and sock often. Wear open shoes often air to your feet is important. Letting your feet air out will keep free of fungus.

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