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I have start a few new pages to make our shopping lives easier. Finding great shoes is not always an easy task. I have added a shoe link page that has my sponsors listed. Then there is the new Shoe Pick and Deals (linked to buy page) I hope these page make shopping easier through this blog. I also hope to encourage everyone to send links favorite shoe buys

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More Flats Worthy of Mention

This is a continuation of a previous blogs about flats and the great style they provide. So check these click and check some of the deals. We all do love deals.
BORN Suede Flats Flats Shoes Pink Womens

BORN Suede Flats Width – Medium (B, M) Heel Height – 0.25 Inch Heel Material – Genuine Suede Upper and Man Made Sole

TORY BURCH Reva Ballet Flats Flats Shoes Orange Womens

TORY BURCH Thora Powder Suede Width – Medium (B, M) True Color – Silver Upper Material – Suede Outsole Material – Man-Made Insole Material – Leather Lining Material – Leather Heel Height – Flat (0 to 1/2″) Style Description – Thora powder suede flip flop is the summer’s best friend. Keep your toes cool in these trendy sandals. Great for hanging out at the pool or lounging on the beach. 

MICHAEL KORS Reese Open Toe Twill Flats Shoes Brown Womens

MICHAEL KORS Reese Open Toe Twill Width – Medium (B, M) Heel Height – 0.5 Inch Heel Material – Genuine Leather-Textile Upper and Man Made Sole


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Rihanna at british music awards


Rihanna puts a lot of British style in her colourful, fun Christian Dior gown at The Brit Awards on Feb. 15, in London. This dress has so much personality and a spunky attitude. It’s a fun way to dress up with the bright colours, the big bow, the sheer tulle, the gorgeous bustier and those hot heels! (Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

I love this on Rihanna if can afford to make style  and personality come together do it. Her shoe show the perfect amount of toe cleavage to enhance her beautiful feet. This ensemble say nothing but happy to me. Nice job to the designers and Rihanna.

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Dan Clog Review

Recently I tried a new pair of Dan Clogs. They are black with closed back.
The Dan Clogs 2380 is very comfortable and molds to the foot. I notice after a couple of days of wear that these clogs snuggled nicely against my arch for a great fit.

I wore these clogs to do a paper route that I had jump over fences and run through mud puddles. Yes I ran in them and very comfortably. After I was done this one-mile of mud running and jump. My feet were completely dry.  The Permair Leather does resist water. I was able to just wipe them back k clean again. Oh yeah I am impressed. I hate wet dirty feet. I spent at least an hour in the rain and mud in the clog and came home with dry feet.

Like I said I ran in the mud and rain while delivering newspapers. I have done the same thing in sneakers and I slipped and stumbled. The non-skid soles really work. I did not slip or slide on any of the brick or tile door front with the clogs being coated in mud and wet from the rain. The makers of these clogs made good use the PU material.

I said before I ran in these clogs. While this was not a full out right sprint like in a pair of sneaker it was a pretty quick pace jog.  The pace I ran was comfortable in the clogs and I was able to run the one-mile route. These are clogs and running can be a little difficult. That was not the case running was comfortable.

The only real problem was I had to wear I full size bigger to get that good fit.

Overall these are great shoes that I would recommend to any
nurse, health care worker, chef, or restaurant server. The fit is comfortable.
They are easy to keep clean. The non-skid sole are a real safety. Look from
them at our store site in Brown, Dark Brown Nu
, Red, White, Black, and Black Nu


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Multi pair rebate


Here at Michael’s Clogs we are issuing rebate cheques for all order with two or more pair. Under this system you could receive up to $50 CAD back in the mail for your purchase of shoes. This rebate covers all shoes sold by us. Minimum rebate is $10. Just order and we will send you a cheque for the rebate that simple


Nursing Clogs with Open back by Dan Clog

Nursing Clogs with Open back by Dan Clo

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Credit Cards

We are now accepting Visa and Mastercard directly. It has been a long process with the banks but we have a our credit processor on our. We still will accept Pay Pal (this is a great resource). It is now now easier to order from Michael’s Clogs

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Selecting Shoe for Toe Cleavage

From fashionpolice.net

From fashionpolice.net

  1. Determine how much toe cleavage you want to expose, which may depend upon the type of the shoe you wear. Some fashion experts feel that toe cleavage is not suited to pumps or flats, and should be reserved for heels only. Others feel that there should only be a hint of toe cleavage, with just a suggestion of the indentation between the toes.
  2. Consider the season before you select a shoe with which to show off toe cleavage. Many women feel that toe cleavage should be reserved for warmer months for the practical reason of keeping your feet warmer. One rule of thumb that has recently emerged in the world of fashion states that if you do not feel that open-toed shoes are appropriate, then toe cleavage is equally unsuitable.

    froms bostonist.com

    froms bostonist.com

  1. Select a shoe that will not only show off the appropriate amount of toe cleavage, but will also offer an adequate amount of support and protection for your feet. Some shoe designs that cater to toe cleavage trends may forgo safety and comfort in the service of fashion. Always treat your feet well, and never subject them to painful
  2. Purchase a shoe that you find visually appealing on your foot. When you select a shoe that shows off toe cleavage, it should be slightly daring in attitude and challenge traditional fashion rules, but it should also be flattering to your feet. Bring an honest friend along to determine whether a specific shoe is right for your foot, and whether you have the toe cleavage to wear it appropriately.

    from webshots.com

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Cape Clogs

This clog company has come alive and for good reason. These are the most coforatable shoes I own. I wear them all the time. Oprah and Brooke shields have join the group with there clogs. They also have given Cape Clog the thumps up. Cape Clog has great designs to go with any personality. The best thin about this company is how the give back to the world with donations to Breast Cancer and Autism. The owner Pamela believe in helping this world to become a better place. I love Cape Clogs for the comfort and charitable acts.
Below is a picture of the clogs I wear and a link to my store Michael’s Clogs where we have import Cape Clogs into Canada.

Cape Clog Brown Nubuck Leather

Cape Clog Brown Nubuck Leather

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Size Chart for ordering shoes online

Stand on a piece of paper and have a friend trace your foot

Measure the lenght of your foot

Do both feet because most people have one foot that is bigger than the other.

It is best to try this after you have been awake and completed yur daily routine. Your feet swell during the day.

This is in centimeters. If you measure in inches you want to multiply by 2.54.

Order your shoes know that you should get a great fit.

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No Static in Our Clog Line

Nursing Clogs with Open back by Dan Clog

Nursing Clogs with Open back by Dan Clog

Dan Clogs are Safety Shoes Disguised as Clogs. These Clogs are loaded with Saftey Features. Read them for yourself.

Soft clogs, flexible, padded instep with microfibre insole and an extreme non-skid sole. Sizes 35-47.
Microfibre Insole
•    First a TEXON sole with a built-in steel tongue, which spreads the pressure to the entire ball of the foot.
•    Thereafter a 4mm Carbon, which is sweat-absorbing and breathable.
•    Last but not least 1mm Microfiber, which is antibacterial and breathable with extreme wearing qualities.
Shock Absorber
Euro-Dan® SHOCK ABSORBER absorbs and distributes shocks and pressure over the entire tread surface, thereby sparing back and joints and relieving the body as much as possible.

In light of the newest ban on EVA Clogs because of static electricity build up. Dan Clogs will not have this problem.

Closed back

Closed back

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