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More for Halloween Want to be a Pirate

Women's Boots Women Sexy Black Pirate at Michael's Clogs

Women's Boots Women Sexy Black Pirate at Michael's Clogs

Women's Boots Women Sexy Black Pirate at Michael's Clogs

Women's Boots Women Sexy Black Pirate at Michael's Clogs

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More of our Halloween Special

Sequins Shoes

Sequins Shoes

Princess Spike heel and Platform

Princess Spike heel and Platform

Crystal shoes

Crystal shoes

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Bagpod from Red Dog


Have you lost your keys or bank card in the bottom of your purse? Every lady has but Red Dog in England has the answer Michael’s Clogs is bringing it to North America. The Bagpod comes in large and small sizes. The genuine leather product makes it simple to change purses and keep all essential items with you. Take the Bagpod out of one purse and place it to the next.Never lose your bank card, keys, or cell phone again

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Selecting Shoe for Toe Cleavage

From fashionpolice.net

From fashionpolice.net

  1. Determine how much toe cleavage you want to expose, which may depend upon the type of the shoe you wear. Some fashion experts feel that toe cleavage is not suited to pumps or flats, and should be reserved for heels only. Others feel that there should only be a hint of toe cleavage, with just a suggestion of the indentation between the toes.
  2. Consider the season before you select a shoe with which to show off toe cleavage. Many women feel that toe cleavage should be reserved for warmer months for the practical reason of keeping your feet warmer. One rule of thumb that has recently emerged in the world of fashion states that if you do not feel that open-toed shoes are appropriate, then toe cleavage is equally unsuitable.

    froms bostonist.com

    froms bostonist.com

  1. Select a shoe that will not only show off the appropriate amount of toe cleavage, but will also offer an adequate amount of support and protection for your feet. Some shoe designs that cater to toe cleavage trends may forgo safety and comfort in the service of fashion. Always treat your feet well, and never subject them to painful
  2. Purchase a shoe that you find visually appealing on your foot. When you select a shoe that shows off toe cleavage, it should be slightly daring in attitude and challenge traditional fashion rules, but it should also be flattering to your feet. Bring an honest friend along to determine whether a specific shoe is right for your foot, and whether you have the toe cleavage to wear it appropriately.

    from webshots.com

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Sexy Chic Shoes

These shoes all have stiletto heels and are strappy to show your pedicured toes.

Can be found at Michael’s Clogs for under $80.

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How to keep our feet healthy

Years of wear and tear can be hard on our feet. Shoes that don’t fit right can cause corns, calluses, and spurs. These growths on our feet are painful and make it difficult to walk. Toenails that are not trimmed right can also cause pain. If we don’t keep our feet clean and dry, we can get “athlete’s foot,” an infection that causes blisters and itching.

Also, did you know your feet are the first to tell you that you have a serious medical condition like diabetes, arthritis, and poor blood circulation?

How to keep our feet healthy

1. Keep your feet clean and dry by: washing your feet everyday.

2. Trim your toe nails each week or when needed.

3. Keep your blood circulating by:

· Putting your feet up when sitting.

· Stretching if you sit for a long time.

· Massaging your feet gently.

· Taking a warm footbath.

4. Keep the skin soft and smooth.

5. Be more active.

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Size Chart for ordering shoes online

Stand on a piece of paper and have a friend trace your foot

Measure the lenght of your foot

Do both feet because most people have one foot that is bigger than the other.

It is best to try this after you have been awake and completed yur daily routine. Your feet swell during the day.

This is in centimeters. If you measure in inches you want to multiply by 2.54.

Order your shoes know that you should get a great fit.

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Sandal Etiquette for Work

Cape Clogs Bohemian

Cape Clogs Bohemian

I found this blog about sandals in the work place. It has some good advice to avoid showing our feet in the wrong light.  At the end of this I will show some of our sandals at Michael’s Clogs that should fit the work place.

The following is from Shoesmarker.com

As casual wear becomes the norm at most offices, sandals have begun to be accepted at corporate offices nationwide.  However, there are still a few precautions you should take when wearing these comfortable shoes at work.  Follow these handy tips to ensure that you are “doing the right thing” when it comes to toe exposure at the office.  These tips apply to both women and men.

1. Dress it Up

The sandal that you wear at the office should not be the sandal that you wear on the weekend.  They should be dressier sandals that you reserve for office wear only, and be made out of leather or suede rather than any synthetics or any fabrics.  Leather & suede make the sandal look more upscale.  Avoid flip flops and plastics at all costs, regardless of how casual you think the office is.  It is never that casual.

2. Limit Overflows

Your feet should never overhang any portion of the sandal.  This applies to the little toe if the sandal is too narrow, or the heel if it isn’t long enough.  Likewise to feet bulging through straps; it is best to avoid a strappy sandal at the workplace altogether to keep from committing this faux pas.  This is not only for appearance, but for your safety as well.

3. Ban The Yellow

You shouldn’t have any spots on your feet that are callused or yellow.  The backs of your heels are especially visible in most sandals and should be taken care of.  Sand down any yellowed portions with a pumice stone or similar implement.

4. Keep It Trimmed

Your toenails should be trimmed and kept clean.  Sandals allow more of an accumulation of dirt on the nail, so you should wash and moisturize your feet every night to guard against infections and keep your feet and toenails in good shape.

5. The Pedi is a Necessity

Male or female, you should get a pedicure to ensure that your cracked, sick skin does not show.  Do not force the rest of the world to look at open orifices on your feet.  It is disgusting, even if it is a part of you.  Get it looked after.  The frequency of your pedicures should vary with the ick-factor of your feet.  If you know you have problem feet, go for biweekly peds.  If you have normal feet, once every month or two should do the job.

6. Shave the Beast

This is especially for the men in the crowd.  If you have some hair on the tops of your toes, shave it off.  It will not make you womanly to do so – it will keep your boss from staring at your short and curlies while you are trying to dazzle them with your quarterly report.

7. When to Not Wear Sandals

If your feet are completely hideous and will not look any better without plastic surgery, or you cannot afford to get regular pedicures, you should not wear sandals in the workplace.  They are also not acceptable in colder weather.  There is some controversy over whether or not they are acceptable after Labor Day due to the excessive heat Septembers are starting to bring us, but generally temperature dictates the fashion.  If you have to wear a jacket, don’t wear sandals.  Otherwise, feel free to expose those toes.

8. Nylons or Socks With Sandals

You are at work, not at your future rest home.  Never.  Ever.  Period.

9. Fight the Urge to Itch

With access to your feet comes access to the itch on your feet.  Keep anti-itching powder in your desk to put on your toes when you feel the need to scratch your feet.  If anyone sees you itching your feet and flakes of skin falling off, their urge to visit the bathroom immediately afterwards to lose their lunch may be greater than your urge to stop the itching.  Just a dab of powder will do the trick and keep your co-worker’s lunches where they belong – in their tummies.

Dan Clog Sandal

Dan Clog Sandal

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No Static in Our Clog Line

Nursing Clogs with Open back by Dan Clog

Nursing Clogs with Open back by Dan Clog

Dan Clogs are Safety Shoes Disguised as Clogs. These Clogs are loaded with Saftey Features. Read them for yourself.

Soft clogs, flexible, padded instep with microfibre insole and an extreme non-skid sole. Sizes 35-47.
Microfibre Insole
•    First a TEXON sole with a built-in steel tongue, which spreads the pressure to the entire ball of the foot.
•    Thereafter a 4mm Carbon, which is sweat-absorbing and breathable.
•    Last but not least 1mm Microfiber, which is antibacterial and breathable with extreme wearing qualities.
Shock Absorber
Euro-Dan® SHOCK ABSORBER absorbs and distributes shocks and pressure over the entire tread surface, thereby sparing back and joints and relieving the body as much as possible.

In light of the newest ban on EVA Clogs because of static electricity build up. Dan Clogs will not have this problem.

Closed back

Closed back

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Michael’s Clogs New Spring Line

Cape Clog Spring Bouquet

Cape Clog Spring Bouquet

We have our entire spring line up on our website now. With free shipping

Vogue high heel strappy Sandals for your pedicured toes.
Cape Clogs has lots of Patterns to match your personality
Dan Clogs has Sandal Clogs loaded with Safety and Comfort Feature
Please with have Sandals with lots of Glamour,Style and Comfort to show off your sexy strut
Check our Mules and Slide for Easy on and Easy off Glamour

White Nursing or Chef Clog

White Nursing or Chef Clog

All of our shoes are carefully made with your foot comfort in mind. They are balanced so you can walk or stand all day in comfort. Our clogs are anatomically correct so arches are supported and as result your legs and back feel relax while you stand make these shoes great for nurses or chefs. The fun patterns are filled with flowers, sailboats, peace symbols, and sport themes. Lastly our strappy high heel sandals are filled with sexiness and glamour with 5 inch heels, ankle straps, and stud designs. These sexy shoes give you that strut that is sure to turn heads.

5 inch High Heel Sandal with Ankle Straps

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