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American Eagle Hipster Clog

American Eagle Hipster Clog


These clogs are quite comfortable When I received them knowing what the price point was at about $30 I did not expect much at all. I looked them over and the upper in leather or suede the bottoms are total man made. They have a cushy fleece line for warm toes and the heel is padded. The overall balance of the shoe is amazing I walked around downtown for 8 hours in complete comfort. My feet did not grow tired. With the colour style and balance of platform and 3 inch heel I got lots of compliments on with them. I even wore them to a business meeting and yes I did get the sales. Be careful with or sizing I order the size 11 based on my foot length but reality is I could have gotten the size 10. They are little bigger than they appear. Wide feet should be fine also. I have a narrow foot and the size 11 as a bit much space. Enjoy they are a great buy.



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Winter Toe Warmers

It getting cooler outside and summer is fading away. Soon it well time for warm snuggles by the fireplace. With all that I thought I would some of my favorite slippers. Some of these comfy toe warmers can be worn outside and are great for the drive home after work after all just because the season is changing does not change the fact the our feet need air and we must swap shoes according to what we are doing. We should have a cozzy pair of shoes for the drive home.

I love warming my feet by a the fire place it relaxing to hear the crackle of easy glow of the flame. A light rub of massage oil to help keep some moisture in so there no winter crack and burning is always nice. A warm drink also helps take away the cold of winter.


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Flip-Flop Feet: How to Defeat Foot Cooties and Flaunt Sexy Toes From Stylelist

Photo: Getty Images

Anyone who has ever pounded the pavement in strappy sandals knows that, by dusk, your soles are the color of the asphalt you’ve been strolling. We won’t even get into the “tan line” of grime around your ankle strap.

After finding out what your feet have picked up — a seriously unappetizing stew of germs — you may be ready to ditch your Havaianas for a pair of knee-high boots.

“When walking on the street in something like a flip-flop, you are exposing your foot to vomitus, human waste, dog feces, sputum expectorated by people — some of whom may have microbacteria — and a wide variety of other things like food or liquids that have been brewing in the hot sun,” says Philip Tierno, Ph.D., director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University Langone Medical Center and author of “Secret Life of Germs.”

The kind of cooties you find on city streets, he says, include norovirus (that scourge of cruise ship passengers), staph aureus, types of strep, E. coli and drug-resistant superbugs like Pseudomonas, Klebsiella pneumonia and MRSA. “The summer heat,” he adds, “acts like an incubator.”

If your feet have cuts or open blisters, you may unknowingly be laying out a welcome mat to the viruses and bacteria stuck to the street. But even if you’re abrasion-free, you can transfer all of that nasty stuff the moment you handle your flip-flops when you slip them off or drop them in your bag to change into heels.

Explains Tierno, “You’re exposed to something even worse — these organisms on your hands.” According to Dr. Tierno, 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted by direct or indirect touching — kissing or picking up a dirty shoe — then touching your eyes, nose or mouth

But before you reserve a spot in the nearest plastic bubble, there is good news. “Your skin is built to protect you from getting infected by its very nature,” says Jeannette Graf, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. The dead skin layer known as the stratum corneum is thickest on the hands and feet and is considered your body’s first line of defense. “Our skin makes antimicrobial peptides that fight against bacteria and viruses and lots of different pathogens,” explains Dr. Graf.

And there are several steps you can take to prevent your tootsies from transferring germs to your hands. Shoe designer Matt Bernson, whose creations are worn by actress Amanda Seyfried and model Gisele Bündchen, has a suggestion for the legions of women who swap out their shoes when they arrive at work or home: “Carry your shoes in a shoe bag when they are in your purse.”

To banish germs, use good old-fashioned soap and water. “You want to wash your feet when you get home,” says Dr. Graf. Or in a pinch, apply an antibacterial hand sanitizer on your feet, she suggests. Also, park a pair of slippers by the front door. “In general, it’s not a good idea to come into your home with dirty shoes that have walked on every known substance and schmear it all over your house,” says Tierno.

You can help keep your skin’s protective barrier in peak condition by exfoliating dead skin cells and slathering on moisturizer, says Dr. Graf. Gently smooth rough spots and calluses with a foot file or pumice stone, such as Sally Hansen’s Prep your Pedi Foot File or Pumice Foot Polish — not with one of those callus razors, says Ji Baek, founder of RescueBeauty.com and author of Rescue Your Nails. “They’re illegal in many states,” says Baek, and they can cut your foot way too deeply. “It’s better to use a foot file and liquid soap when you get home at night.”

Or try a homemade foot soak and scrub. Donna Perillo of Manhattan’s Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa adds warm citrus juice (grapefruit or orange) to a foot soak. “The acidity kind of eats at the grime,” she says. Follow that up with an all-natural sugar scrub, which you can make at home using granulated sugar, olive oil and your favorite essential oil. And then apply moisturizer.

Dr. Graf recommends using a lotion with skin-smoothing lactic or salicylic acid or urea before bed each night. Or you can lightly coat your feet with Vaseline petroleum jelly and then slip on cotton socks, such as Moisture Jamzz socks to protect your sheets. You’ll wake up with super-soft, germ-free feet.

By: Maria Ricapito

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Please welcome Barefoot Tess.com this site is full of larger size for those ladies with queenly feet.

By Bernado

Here is the shop for sexy shoe in Size 11 and up

By Nine West

Queenly shoes should be sexy and easy to find

Dolce Vita

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A Flat Day

Well you can’t wear heel and platforms all the time (or can you)!

Nine West Shoes, Wowza Sandals $79 $47.40

Candie's® flats $44.99 $29.99 Kohl's

Born Shoes, Sella Sandals - A Macy's Exclusive $80 $49.99 Macy's

Nyle Sandal $58 $42.99 Need Supply Co.

Kortship $79.95 $59.95 Steve Madden

Bonnyy $79.95 $44.95 Steve Madden

JESSICA SIMPSON Bethine Leather Buckled Flats $69 $29.99 Lord & Taylor

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ShopStyle Deals for July 12 2011

Steve Madden

Steve Madden


Jessica Simpson Rhys $89 $69 Piperlime

Dolce Vita Camryn $220 $149 Piperlime

UGG Australia Black Violet Hidden Plateau Wedge $214.50 $128.70 My-Wardrobe.com

Nine West Shoes, Heydarlin Sandals $59 $30.97 Macy's

Nine West Shoes, Blanca Wedges $99 $51.97 Macy's

Steve Madden Shoes, Saffarii Sandals $59 $30.97 Macy's

Jimmy Choo Volume Suede Sandals $825 $329.99 Saks Fifth Avenue

All Prices are reduce through these links

Happy Shopping

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Chinese Laundry

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Sale at Ahnu.com

Shop Ahnu.com


for our biggest deal yet – FREE Shipping on orders over $80!! Just enter promo code AhnuFS80 at checkout to take advantage of the savings. Hurry since this sale ends on 7/31. Our shoes provide the appropriate balance of traction, grip, flexibility, cushioning and durability for a variety of outdoor activities whether on trails, beaches or sidewalks.


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PRADA announces the Spring/Summer 2011 sale


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Looking for a ladies size 13 for a Queen

A friend the other day emailed with a question from someone she knows “where do I find sexy shoes in a size 13 wide?” This  is a problem because our fashion world tries to tell us that this person does not really exist and even if this person did exist that person is ugly and does deserve good fashion. Thank God there companies who don’t think that way. Thank God for those who believe good fashion is what make one beautiful. This list of online shops resulted from a week long search for beautiful fashion for larger feet.

I hope that this list will help all you ladies find great fashion and feel beautiful.






I really liked this shoe very eye catching

I can think of a lot of great ways to wear this shoe

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