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Jennifer Lopez at AMA

When in doubt, choose Jimmy Choo. This sparkling platform pump will have you standing head and shoulders above the fray no matter the occasion. Jennifer Lopez dazzled everyone with the shoe at the end of her wonderful leg. She has great pair of legs and these pumps were a great addition. She looks hot in this mini and shoes the accent her legs

This is a great evening look thank you J Lo

  • Glittered fabric brings subtly textured, day-or-night shine.
  • Round toe rests on contrasting platform for colorblock look.
  • 5 3/4″ covered heel.
  • “Eros” is made in Italy.


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How to pick holiday shoes !!!!

How to pick holiday shoes !!!!

It is time for al those office parties and family get togethers some of which are casual while other might be formal of some where between. Casual is easy and we are not going to talk about that here. Let us really focus on the semi formal and formal event s that takes more time and care to match everything

You really want to consider who is going to be there. Office parties you might want to be more conservative than social parties with friends. This could mean the difference between wearing a light up Lucite platforms or wearing a simple slide. After all it could you getting through those nasty office politics for the promotion or being know as wild and to risky for the job.

Is this your office party or your date’s? This is an important thought when considering heel height. You might not want to tower over your date at his party. Then again at your party it doesn’t matter. I know one more thing to think about. You wan to look perfect and as a couple you should compliment each other.

If it is formal the right shoe embellishment are important. Every formal setting is chances to put you princess look on. Consider gown length. Open toes or closed toe could mean the difference in hosiery or not. If you go with an open toe no hosiery your shoe may have all the embellishment you want. There are no other distracting patterns. Hosiery with patterns look better with closed toes and fewer embellishments.

Materials are important again Lucite, leather, velvet, satin there is so many to chose from. If possible bring the outfit near by when selecting the shoes this makes the Internet really handy you can match everything up and purchase right there. The idea is to make you look great. Bare feet and clear shoes can be fun and elegant but the clear shoes may not be the best choice with a black gown. You will find the perfect look. Make sure you will confident in what you are wearing. Confidence does carry the ensemble.

Now last item I am talking about this last because should no t be the first consideration. Figure your budget and know what you have to spend. This will be the final deciding factor is choosing the perfect shoe. At this point you should have several style and idea in mind of what will work. Trust me if you found a pair of Manolo’s and they are out of the price range you can find a similar style at the price you want.

Ok now go look sexy and brilliant at the next function because your shoes are the hit. Start your by clicking on our sponsor below.

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