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We love getting emails for people it makes us thinks we are actually doing something. We know we have readers but it more real we get feed back from you. We don’t not just collect email list for spam (we can send spam if you want us to aka updates) Over all we just like hearing from our friends. So here is all of our contact info.

  • Snail Us :

Michael’s Clogs

7231 120th Street

Suite 370

Delta BC V4C 6P5

If you would like to advertise with us please state so in your message so when we contact you we are professional information available when we contact you.

Right now we only accept paypal for payment.

If you would like to be one of our sponsors please state so again and we have all the right information for you. Excuse us for sounding rude but we know your time is very valued and we don’t want fumble around wasting it for you.

We also love trying new shoes and we will review them for promotional purposes for your business.

Thank you

Michael’s Clogs

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