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My pick for this week.

I love these Uggs. They will fantastic with leggings. They have a zipper with a stylish. Uggs did a wonderful good in constructing these boots.

For the ultimate glam look, single out this sexy pair from DV by Dolce Vita. Blair brings you a dark silver patent leather upper with skinny straps crossing at the vamp. A unique toe shape conceals a 1 inch platform while a 4 1/2 inch stiletto heal adds the perfect touch.

These are great for that Evening look with the perfectly fitting dress or gown.

Happy Shoes for Michael

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Aldo Higuey

Ok in a nutshell follow the bullet points

  • Peetoe
  • T-Strap
  • Wood Platform
  • 5 inches in height
  • Beautifully Studded
  • Clearance Price

Do we need anymore reason to buy these shoes? They are adorable and will match most wardrobes. I do highly recommend this shoe.

See ya Later girls

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Warning: “Comfortable ” Spring Shoes Can Be Bad for Your Feet

Those fancy flip-flops might be hurting your feet.By Deborah Wilburn

Spring is here, and so are chic ballet flats, flip-flops, and sky-high platform sandals. They’re comfortable shoes, and trendy, too, but are they good for your feet?

Not so much, says Dawn Olsen Figlo, MD, a certified foot surgeon in New York City. Even though many women think flats are a foot-friendly alternative, “ballet slippers are the worst shoe anyone can wear,” she says. “There’s no support whatsoever and the ankle can turn in too much or turn out.”


From me:

After I read te article I was reminded of great piece of shoe advice wear shoes that suit the job. I love wear high heels and I have a collection of high heeled clogs and on average as a blogger/marketer no one ever sees me on a professional level in flat shows. Here is my secret to comfortable feet and legs.

  1. Find the shoe that fits that days activity
  2. Keep on pair on easy on easy off shoes in the car
  3. Make sure you can just about wiggle your toes in your shoes
  4. Make sure you have arch support
Style and comfort can be found together if shoes are planned out properly. Be honest about the days activities. Who are you going to see in the meeting today?  Who is going to be at the party? Make sure you change your shoe and sock often through out the day. Your toes need air. That dark damp place where your feet stay in any shoes can cause fungus. Apply a fungicide when you do your pedicure. Go once a month for a professional pedicure. When I say pedicure do mean tips’ on the toes I mean they soak and massage your feet. Think about the 10,000 steps you will take in the day.

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Legging Look

I have put together a few item in this posting to show great way to wear legging or jeggings this fall. Sweaters, Capes and ankles really come are essential this year. They can elegant and casual at the same time a wonder way to be warm and stylish. Run around get those errands done with this style. If you have some sun the peep toe can show some nail art. The closed to boot will those feet warm. No matter what the weather this look will work. All of the boots are under $100 make this very affordable.

Click on the pic text links below

ASOS ALPINE Block Heel Brogue Ankle Boot

ASOS ALPINE Block Heel Brogue Ankle Boot

Lucky Brand "Francisca" Booties

ASOS ALERT Tassel Ankle Boot

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Justin Bieber costs a toy maker $100,000

This might sound ridiculous at first but I can see some of this problem.

Justin Bieber change his  hair and as we know it is part of his brand.  Any change to Justin’s style is also a change in marketing. As for anyone making money on his image a change can be costly because of template changes but if you are in this business you have to factor these things or hope you do so well. Not the case for one doll maker.

The left is Justin Bieber’s new do. The right is the doll base on his old style. Jay Foreman the CEO of Bridge Direct was not happy with this change. Every doll he made is now out dated and his company most start over again with a new template of the new image before going to market. This is a $100,000 change that Bridge Direct was not expecting. I am sure that Mr. Foreman and his team with overcome this blow after all Justin Bieber is a teen idol and has on the most popular look of today. Good Luck Bridge Direct!!!!

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Something to try

Something to try
Something to try by michaelsclogs featuring lace tops

Love Sam lace top
$275 – calypsostbarth.com

Boot cut jeans
$28 – kohls.com

UGG Australia cap toe shoes
$160 – uggaustralia.com

Forever21 hardware bag
$35 – forever21.com

Steven Alan wool felt hat
$150 – net-a-porter.com

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Bernardo Winter Shoe Review

When Find the Shoe you love just click through and buy. Don’t worried you will be dicerted to the right store. Yay For Shoe Shopping!!!!!!!Bernardo Pleasure Heel (Black)

This is a bootie pump oh ok who cares what name you put it the Bernardo design is fantastic and will look great on larger feet. It come in up to a size 15. With a 4 inch heel to give the longest sexiest look to your legs please pair these wonders with a skirt (shown below with texture stockings. This is a great dress shoe with wear to the theater or for business either eyes will be one you as your walk commands attention. This shoe will do it for you. Enjoy your feet. Click on the large image and these will be yours in Black or Chocolate for just $179 USD  $175.00 CAD

Get 10% off at BarefootTess.com with code SEP10!

Winter time is come and warm is comfy at least for me that is so with that being said I am want to sell you on the ballet slipper with a warm lining but still street worthy. Wear these shearling gem at the end of the day to rest your feet for a long day of work.As yes a Benardo Blizzards for the commute home. Available in up to size 13 for only $149 USD or $146 CAD.

Bernardo Blizzard Flat (Old Pink)
Click on the image to buy.

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Emma Stone Look

Emma Stone Look

Worn to the Premier of Help in London with a of Brian Atwood peep toe shoes. This was found on Instyle. Here are some Brian Atwood Shoe designs.

Click on the images of the shoes for more information to purchase.

Brian Atwood WAGNER PEEP-TOES $775

Brian Atwood Fringe Platform Sandal $1,153

B Brian Atwood Peep-Toe Platform Pump $300

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Are These Rain Boots Worth $31,000

We all know about the Target Missoni craze. This designer retailer partner ship as been well marketed and accepted to and from the public. For the time the deal was struck marketing team with crazy releasing information to the public about the Missoni designs brought to life by super retailer Target. The products were to be inexpensive and sheik. From the being this is a money making machine to show up anything any other Department store could muster.

When the product hit the store and the website shut down because over load of traffic. Then shortly after that was the short fall of product on the shelve making the feeding frenzy look like nothing ever seen before Elmo the shelves. Ok but Elmo never sold on Ebay for a buy-it-now price of $31,000. This is what one crazed woman has done in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Selling a cheap pair of rain boots for $31,000 and she has had offer but will not back down from the asking price. I thought this was crazy when I saw the listing Yahoo. Shine. These but are a fundraiser for her child’s college tuition they are part of a Missoni rainy day for her daughter who just start college. Now the CNN reporter who the insane price tag doubt she well get the money for the and so do I. I well say this Tammy Lyn of Tulsa, Oklahoma who deserve to find you money. You have attitude and spunk go get them and I hope some invest of maybe even Target helps you find money.

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PRADA presents the new Real Fantasies FW2011 video

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