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A Great Canadian Shopping Mall

I have found a great place to shop. Cybershopping.ca or Canada’s Online Shopping Mall has a large variety of shops and retails. If you are a retailer I am sure you can find a niche. The numerous categories to pick from. Most of us selling our wares hear online are entrepreneurs. This is great opportunity to put your product to the folks online in Canada.

If  you are a shopper trust me every vendor on here is putting there best deals up. This site is big enough to attract big name like Sears and Zellers.

Everyone please rush off the Canada’s Online Shopping Mall and shop for everything you need right on your desk top.

List of Categories (for more complete list go to there site):

Apparel & Accessories

Designer Clothing, Clothing Accessory, Jewelry & Watches, Women’s Clothing

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Crafts, Music CDs, Books & Magazines, Antiques & Collectibles


Other Transportation, Trucks, Vans & SUV, Motorcycle & Accessories, Car Parts

Babies & Kids

Toys & Games, School Supply, Mother and Baby, Baby & Kid Clothes

Computers & Software

Computer Accessories, Desktop Computer, Software, Computer Components

Canadian Web Site Promotion Service Listings – Web Site Promotion websites in Canada. Includes recommended websites, user ratings and reviews.

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Sexy Chic Shoes

These shoes all have stiletto heels and are strappy to show your pedicured toes.

Can be found at Michael’s Clogs for under $80.

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Popular Clogs

Cape Clogs is becoming very popular even celebrities are wearing or so we have heard.

Cape Clog Brown Nubuck Leather

Cape Clog Brown Nubuck Leather

These clogs are hand made with leather and alder wood. They come in fun patterns.

Cape Clog Peace Symbol

Cape Clog Peace Symbol

On a personal level I wear my Cape Clogs everywhere. I have a paper route that I have to run up and down hills for three hours. My clogs are the brown nubuck.

Cape Clog Holiday Red

Cape Clog Holiday Red

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Another Sandal


These are two are coming to Michael’s Clogs very soon for under $30. They look great and are comfortable to wear.


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How to keep our feet healthy

Years of wear and tear can be hard on our feet. Shoes that don’t fit right can cause corns, calluses, and spurs. These growths on our feet are painful and make it difficult to walk. Toenails that are not trimmed right can also cause pain. If we don’t keep our feet clean and dry, we can get “athlete’s foot,” an infection that causes blisters and itching.

Also, did you know your feet are the first to tell you that you have a serious medical condition like diabetes, arthritis, and poor blood circulation?

How to keep our feet healthy

1. Keep your feet clean and dry by: washing your feet everyday.

2. Trim your toe nails each week or when needed.

3. Keep your blood circulating by:

· Putting your feet up when sitting.

· Stretching if you sit for a long time.

· Massaging your feet gently.

· Taking a warm footbath.

4. Keep the skin soft and smooth.

5. Be more active.

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Great Brand of Shoes

Seduce Brand Shoes offer classic style, sexiness and glamour all in the same line.


"Seduce" - Women's Black Close Toe Ankle Strap Pumps/Shoes

This Show here has a 5 inch heel ankle strap to add definition to your legs. Please notice the classic pump toe. This shoe is suited for most occasions.

"Seduce" - Women's Triple Strap Mary Jane Style Pumps/Shoes

"Seduce" - Women's Triple Strap Mary Jane Style Pumps/Shoes

A wonderful version of the Mary Jane with 3 straps to enhance your arches makes this shoe a sexy twist on a classic.

"Seduce" - Women's Peep Toe Pumps/Shoes with Instep Cutout

"Seduce" - Women's Peep Toe Pumps/Shoes with Instep Cutout

A will balanced peep toe pump for a hint of pedicure.

"Seduce" - Women's Open Toe Ankle Multi Strap Sandals/Shoes

"Seduce" - Women's Open Toe Ankle Multi Strap Sandals/Shoes

This strappy sandal is sure to give your pedicured toes attention along with giving a sexy stretch to your legs. Then there is a classic pump all in the essential colours.

"Seduce" - Women's Classic Patent Pumps/Shoes

"Seduce" - Women's Classic Patent Pumps/Shoes

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