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Summer Sandals for Target

Great Style can be found inexpensively and Target is one of those places with there Mossimo Supply Co. There size seem to be a bit large. I wear a size 10 and I am actually wearing a 9.5 in these shoes.

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The Great Shoe Sale In Cloverdale BC Canada

I found these to ladies who are passionate about fashion shopping and saving money. You can get saving of up to 80% off normal prices with them. Leslie and Alyson are the Designer Discount Divas. They shop to find real designer product at prices that even wholesalers wish they could. The best part is they sell direct to the public. Come this weekend to their next sale at the Holiday Inn in Cloverdale BC. They will fill a ballroom with with the most desire fashion footwear and other fashionable desires. The is must see and buy show. I give this one of my high recommendations.

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Surrey East – Cloverdalemore info
17530 64 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 1Y9, Canada
+1 604-576-8862

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Aldo Higuey

Ok in a nutshell follow the bullet points

  • Peetoe
  • T-Strap
  • Wood Platform
  • 5 inches in height
  • Beautifully Studded
  • Clearance Price

Do we need anymore reason to buy these shoes? They are adorable and will match most wardrobes. I do highly recommend this shoe.

See ya Later girls

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My Spriing Favorites

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My Spriing Favorites

As you know that Spring is just the being of my favorite time of year. It bring warm air sunshine and our ability to show our best sexy open and strappy shoes. The shoes in the post our some of what I think to be must haves.

Wear sandals to the beach know you have the sexy must haves by the water. These picks allow the whole pedicure to show in comfort and style. Dam I love this time of year in the sunshine!


All of these shoes are great for spring the first group I would pair with jean and following tops for a whimpsy look. The next set is great with sundresses and shorts because they are flat wear them for that fun beach trip or picnic.The last group is great for your work and office this warm season.

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Legs and the Little Black Dress

The essentials for every woman are the little black dress and great legs. Trust me every woman has great legs if shown off the right way. The black dress here is very leggy and daring for the evening the open shoe with either roses or just the simple slide help complete the leggy look. The look is sure to bring attention to your legs.

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Did you get your Footzy Rolls Today

Did you ever go out in the ultra sexy shoes and you knew you look great all night in them? Here it is late and your feet are tired and need comfort now. Footzyrolls™ have the solution. Simply unroll a pair of Footzyrolls™ and make your feet loved after working for you.

Footzyrolls™ are an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe. They deliver a level of style and give the ultimate in comfort. They are waterproof and skid proof thus making them easy to walk in especially after a night in those sexy stilettos. They come in ballet slipper or as a flip-flop and the price start at less than $20.

See Your Favorite Celebrities in FootzyRolls™ & FootzyFolds!!

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Aldo and Mark Fast

I found this on Yahoo shine today. This is the first look at a sketch of a Wedge shoe by Mark Fast for a new Aldo Shoe collection. I can’t wait to see what comes of this but please read the story below.

First Look: Mark Fast for Aldo Shoes

Photo Courtesy of Aldo
Sketch by Mark Fast for Aldo

Leading Canadian designer Mark Fast has revealed a sketch from his upcoming collaboration with Aldo shoes. Alongside J.W. Anderson and Preen, the three London-based talents will be a part of the Aldo Rise collaboration line which puts the spotlight on young talents (like those Ikat wedges by Julian Louie).

With a bit of raffia fringe, leather and his signature knit, Fast spills on what expect from the capsule collection: “This collaboration has given me the opportunity to work with new shoe technology and resources. We are having a great time working together and the Aldo team have been quite inspiring in their innovations. We have a great deal of creative synergy. It’s nice to be tied to my roots again with a Canadian enterprise! The collection is about sexy, strong, fierce African fabulousness!”

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Mia Hyram

Mia Hyram
Mia 2, Mia
I saw a lady wearing these sandal in down town Vancouver

The person wearing these sandal had her toes painted with pink sparkle polish. She was wearing black leggings with a black loose fitting tee. She was with her teenage children making a withdraw from an ATM. I told her that it was a shame I did not have my camera to photograph her for this blog. Trust me she was very smartly dress for a day with the kids on a warm sunny day. She said that the sandals where extremely comfortable and easy to wear

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Flip-Flop Feet: How to Defeat Foot Cooties and Flaunt Sexy Toes From Stylelist

Photo: Getty Images

Anyone who has ever pounded the pavement in strappy sandals knows that, by dusk, your soles are the color of the asphalt you’ve been strolling. We won’t even get into the “tan line” of grime around your ankle strap.

After finding out what your feet have picked up — a seriously unappetizing stew of germs — you may be ready to ditch your Havaianas for a pair of knee-high boots.

“When walking on the street in something like a flip-flop, you are exposing your foot to vomitus, human waste, dog feces, sputum expectorated by people — some of whom may have microbacteria — and a wide variety of other things like food or liquids that have been brewing in the hot sun,” says Philip Tierno, Ph.D., director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University Langone Medical Center and author of “Secret Life of Germs.”

The kind of cooties you find on city streets, he says, include norovirus (that scourge of cruise ship passengers), staph aureus, types of strep, E. coli and drug-resistant superbugs like Pseudomonas, Klebsiella pneumonia and MRSA. “The summer heat,” he adds, “acts like an incubator.”

If your feet have cuts or open blisters, you may unknowingly be laying out a welcome mat to the viruses and bacteria stuck to the street. But even if you’re abrasion-free, you can transfer all of that nasty stuff the moment you handle your flip-flops when you slip them off or drop them in your bag to change into heels.

Explains Tierno, “You’re exposed to something even worse — these organisms on your hands.” According to Dr. Tierno, 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted by direct or indirect touching — kissing or picking up a dirty shoe — then touching your eyes, nose or mouth

But before you reserve a spot in the nearest plastic bubble, there is good news. “Your skin is built to protect you from getting infected by its very nature,” says Jeannette Graf, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. The dead skin layer known as the stratum corneum is thickest on the hands and feet and is considered your body’s first line of defense. “Our skin makes antimicrobial peptides that fight against bacteria and viruses and lots of different pathogens,” explains Dr. Graf.

And there are several steps you can take to prevent your tootsies from transferring germs to your hands. Shoe designer Matt Bernson, whose creations are worn by actress Amanda Seyfried and model Gisele Bündchen, has a suggestion for the legions of women who swap out their shoes when they arrive at work or home: “Carry your shoes in a shoe bag when they are in your purse.”

To banish germs, use good old-fashioned soap and water. “You want to wash your feet when you get home,” says Dr. Graf. Or in a pinch, apply an antibacterial hand sanitizer on your feet, she suggests. Also, park a pair of slippers by the front door. “In general, it’s not a good idea to come into your home with dirty shoes that have walked on every known substance and schmear it all over your house,” says Tierno.

You can help keep your skin’s protective barrier in peak condition by exfoliating dead skin cells and slathering on moisturizer, says Dr. Graf. Gently smooth rough spots and calluses with a foot file or pumice stone, such as Sally Hansen’s Prep your Pedi Foot File or Pumice Foot Polish — not with one of those callus razors, says Ji Baek, founder of RescueBeauty.com and author of Rescue Your Nails. “They’re illegal in many states,” says Baek, and they can cut your foot way too deeply. “It’s better to use a foot file and liquid soap when you get home at night.”

Or try a homemade foot soak and scrub. Donna Perillo of Manhattan’s Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa adds warm citrus juice (grapefruit or orange) to a foot soak. “The acidity kind of eats at the grime,” she says. Follow that up with an all-natural sugar scrub, which you can make at home using granulated sugar, olive oil and your favorite essential oil. And then apply moisturizer.

Dr. Graf recommends using a lotion with skin-smoothing lactic or salicylic acid or urea before bed each night. Or you can lightly coat your feet with Vaseline petroleum jelly and then slip on cotton socks, such as Moisture Jamzz socks to protect your sheets. You’ll wake up with super-soft, germ-free feet.

By: Maria Ricapito

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These two are both wear very nice sneaker one pair by lascoste. Very nice casual and comfortable style.



I found this young while transit heading for a BUYLOCALCANADA.CA appointment. I love the feather and her toes where very nicely with no frills to over power the sandal. Perfect balance of style.

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