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Grammy birthday party shopping

I was invited to a Grammy birthday. The theme was to dress as your favorite musician. I decide to dress as Slash. So, had to go shopping after all I needed a new pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars for the occasion. So here is what I found along the way.

I found these at Ardene for under $30 in Surrey, BC Canada. They would have done the job for what I was looking for but the size ranges ran a little small. So, I continued my search for the shoes. I will that Ardene has a great collection of accessories and I did buy a great scarf for $3

These are the real thing found at Spring Shoes in Metrotown, Burnaby, BC I wish could show you all the styles they had and I did purchase a black pair for $54. I found lots of other shoes and great style of  which these are a two.








Next stop because I was on a shoe roll. I went to Forever 21 for some sock. You have to find deal where you and at a $3 for 6 pair of colorful socks to cover our precious toes why not. Here are the shoes I found there.

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Non-Matching on the Red Carpet

I would not advise this look to average person and please kids do not wear this to a job interview. If you are an eccentric celebrity this is the look for you. One green one red shoe, eclectically curly mess of a hair-do, and blast of colour dress with black lace to hold it all together. Actually while, this is a mess I think it works for Helena Bonham Carter congrat on your non-conformity and wearing this.

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Spring Time for your feet Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes Collection

Spring is only months away and with it warm Sandal weather. Time for pedicures, jeweled toes and fun spa treatments for your feet. This link will guide you to my earlier posting about doing your own pedicures. In this blogger’s area a basic buff pedicure will start at $25 and jeweled toes with artwork could cost you in excess of $200. Wait if you have money and can get lucky enough to find a nail artist with vision and talent your feet could be an open canvas. Remember this vision does cost money and will go beyond that price menu setting by the chair.

The following retailers may have this collection.










Neiman Marcus


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New Shoes

Shop for sexy lingerie at Henry and June

Costume Craze: 100s of Costumes Up to 60% Off!

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Essentail Shoe Fashion according to Instyle

Some of the essential foot wear styles for this include the peep toe, mary jane, chunk heels. Here at Michael Clogs we have all them. We have the Peep Toe in a Pump:

Classic Peep Toe Pump

Classic Peep Toe Pump

In a mule:

Classic Peep Toe Mule

Classic Peep Toe Mule

We have some great variations on the Mary-Jane with a more classic style to a ankle to show off every foot shape:

Mary-Jane look Pump with ankle Straps not across the top of the foot

Mary-Jane look Pump with ankle Straps not across the top of the foot

Ankle Straps and Sexy Corset Detail

Ankle Straps and Sexy Corset Detail

Classic Mary-Jane Pump

Classic Mary-Jane Pump

Get all of these shoes for less than $100 Michael’s Clogs

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Hallow Time for Shoes

Time for Ghosts and Goblins at least for the kids. We adults do have parties and love to dress up to so we at Michael’s Clogs have our annual Halloween Special with 2nd Day Air Express Service from UPS. We will post more pics of the shoes list though out the Special.

School Girl Mary Jane

School Girl Mary Jane

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What is Foot Fetish????


Foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worship, or podophilia is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual preference for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.

Foot fetish has been defined as a pronounced sexual interest in the feet or footwear. Freud considered foot binding as a form of fetishism. For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of the foot and toes (e.g. long toes, short toes, pointed toes, high arches, slender soles, fat toes, long toenails, short toenails, small feet, toenail color), jewelry, toe rings, ankle bracelets, treatments e.g. French pedicure, state of dress (e.g. barefoot, flip flops, or clad in socks or nylons), odor, and any form of sensory interaction, e.g. licking, sucking, tickling, person giving foot jobs, pedal pumping or trampling/stomping.

Famous foot fetishists

Celebrities are listed alphabetically by last name and single name.

The above list is from Wikipedia but this just one definition of a foot fetish. The definition that Michael’s Clog likes is being excited by feet and shoes. The feeling of things touching the nerves in the foot and exciting the rest of the body. When your foot slides into a shoe and it touch your toe then arch and heel and your body just tingles because it feels o good.  Know while you are walking down the street and your back straight and our stride widen because your look great in those shoes

foot+fetishPlease tell us what you think.

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Selecting Shoe for Toe Cleavage

From fashionpolice.net

From fashionpolice.net

  1. Determine how much toe cleavage you want to expose, which may depend upon the type of the shoe you wear. Some fashion experts feel that toe cleavage is not suited to pumps or flats, and should be reserved for heels only. Others feel that there should only be a hint of toe cleavage, with just a suggestion of the indentation between the toes.
  2. Consider the season before you select a shoe with which to show off toe cleavage. Many women feel that toe cleavage should be reserved for warmer months for the practical reason of keeping your feet warmer. One rule of thumb that has recently emerged in the world of fashion states that if you do not feel that open-toed shoes are appropriate, then toe cleavage is equally unsuitable.

    froms bostonist.com

    froms bostonist.com

  1. Select a shoe that will not only show off the appropriate amount of toe cleavage, but will also offer an adequate amount of support and protection for your feet. Some shoe designs that cater to toe cleavage trends may forgo safety and comfort in the service of fashion. Always treat your feet well, and never subject them to painful
  2. Purchase a shoe that you find visually appealing on your foot. When you select a shoe that shows off toe cleavage, it should be slightly daring in attitude and challenge traditional fashion rules, but it should also be flattering to your feet. Bring an honest friend along to determine whether a specific shoe is right for your foot, and whether you have the toe cleavage to wear it appropriately.

    from webshots.com

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A Great Canadian Shopping Mall

I have found a great place to shop. Cybershopping.ca or Canada’s Online Shopping Mall has a large variety of shops and retails. If you are a retailer I am sure you can find a niche. The numerous categories to pick from. Most of us selling our wares hear online are entrepreneurs. This is great opportunity to put your product to the folks online in Canada.

If  you are a shopper trust me every vendor on here is putting there best deals up. This site is big enough to attract big name like Sears and Zellers.

Everyone please rush off the Canada’s Online Shopping Mall and shop for everything you need right on your desk top.

List of Categories (for more complete list go to there site):

Apparel & Accessories

Designer Clothing, Clothing Accessory, Jewelry & Watches, Women’s Clothing

Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Crafts, Music CDs, Books & Magazines, Antiques & Collectibles


Other Transportation, Trucks, Vans & SUV, Motorcycle & Accessories, Car Parts

Babies & Kids

Toys & Games, School Supply, Mother and Baby, Baby & Kid Clothes

Computers & Software

Computer Accessories, Desktop Computer, Software, Computer Components

Canadian Web Site Promotion Service Listings – Web Site Promotion websites in Canada. Includes recommended websites, user ratings and reviews.

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How to keep our feet healthy

Years of wear and tear can be hard on our feet. Shoes that don’t fit right can cause corns, calluses, and spurs. These growths on our feet are painful and make it difficult to walk. Toenails that are not trimmed right can also cause pain. If we don’t keep our feet clean and dry, we can get “athlete’s foot,” an infection that causes blisters and itching.

Also, did you know your feet are the first to tell you that you have a serious medical condition like diabetes, arthritis, and poor blood circulation?

How to keep our feet healthy

1. Keep your feet clean and dry by: washing your feet everyday.

2. Trim your toe nails each week or when needed.

3. Keep your blood circulating by:

· Putting your feet up when sitting.

· Stretching if you sit for a long time.

· Massaging your feet gently.

· Taking a warm footbath.

4. Keep the skin soft and smooth.

5. Be more active.

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