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Healthy Feet

Your feet can have clues to your overall health. The way your feet look or fell can lead doctors to check you for things like kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. I am not a doctor so I will not post the actual signs but I will tell you if you have a long time foot pain go to a doctor. That little pain could be a sign of something more serious.

Just because you are pain free does not mean you should abuse your feet. A good number of the bodies nerves end in the foot. Pedicures can help keep you healthy. Once a week you should take time to give forget your self a pedicure. Daily make you use plenty of warm water and soap to keep your feet clean. I f you have a spouse or partner massage each others feet on a regular basis. These practices will help you live healthier and longer.

This is a shoes blog so I do have to say pick shoes that fits what you are using them for don’t wear sneakers of runner for a job that you are standing still on. Don’t wear sandals when you have walk or move around a lot. Clogs are ideal footwear for nurses, chefs, or retail workers. Change you shoes and sock often. Wear open shoes often air to your feet is important. Letting your feet air out will keep free of fungus.

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