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Scientific Proof : High Heel Shoes Make You look Sexier

I guess we alway knew it. It is always good when science proves what we have just simply believed. University of Portsmouth report state heels change the way the entire body moves. From shoulders to feet move in a way the show off femininity. A woman wearing heals is seen as more attractive even before her face is notice.

The Experiment:

To avoid the rating of attractiveness being influenced by anything other than high heels, the researchers used a process known as point-light display: lit markers are placed on key parts of the body and the raters or judges see only the patterns of these lights as the woman walks.

Men and women viewed 30-second video clips of the point-light displays of the walkers in high heels and flat shoes moving towards them. They then made judgements for femininity and attractiveness. All the women were rated as more attractive when wearing heels, and women judges rated them as more attractive than did the men.

In a second experiment, people were asked to judge whether the point-light display of women walking towards them was a man or woman. When the women were wearing flat shoes they were nearly twice as likely to be viewed as a man.

The researchers also analysed how women walked when wearing heels. They found that an average woman walked more quickly, changing from 106 to 110 steps a minutes, but with shorter strides: from 1.24 to 1.20 metres. “Judges rated the displays of the walkers in high heels as significantly more attractive than the same walkers in flat shoes,” say the researchers. “Women in high heels walked in a fashion more characteristic of female gait. The results are consistent with the idea that wearing high heels makes women look more attractive.”

This is a lot think about when buying stylish shoes. Personally this blogger loves wearing shoes of all types but typically I wear shoes with heel from 7cm  to 11 inches in height. Watch the videos below and decide for your self. It could be fun.

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