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A real live Kung Foo Panda

Bruce Mc Cann

Richmond Black Belt Academy in Richmond BC is owed and operated by Bruce McCann. Bruce is a true nice guy who found his passion in Martial Arts. In the short time that I sat with him he showed me several demonstrations videos about what Taekwondo means. These video showed all the forms used has dance as well as self defense. There is now MMA training with in the network of ATA that he belongs to. He discussed how the art started in Korea. In our discussion he showed why he has a Black Belt.


The Richmond Black Belt Academy set on Horse Shoe Way Rd near No5 Rd and Steveston Hwy in Richmond, BC and has found a quiet spot in the industrial park. The have several different programs using Martial Arts to train and strengthen the body, mind and sole. The owner Bruce is not about teaching combat but is looking to show his students a balanced way of life. He is a very mild mannered gentleman. The man at first glance does not look like much of a powerhouse but as take in his presence you do start realize his strength. I have never met a more peaceful person. He believes in simple courtesy and true self-discipline. This is a full contact sport but this gentle school owner talks about polite contact with simply means you could get bruised but it was not done out of malice. As a trainer Bruce is surely not the evil Dojo Master from the Karate Kid. To him Martial Arts is tool of a balanced life style.


If you were to follow this list of qualities found in Taekwondo you will achieve great success in life.

  • Self-Control
  • Attitude (of course and positive one)
  • Courtesy
  • Honor
  • Respect
  • Goal –setting and keeping to them
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance

At the Richmond Black Belt Academy you will learn these thing from this kind-hearted instructor. I have watched him after following him around of r a day and discovered that these are the principals of his life. He took me to a black belt achievement ceremony where a young man earn his 4th degree in black belt and they told a story that a black belt should give of himself in order to be useful this not what I would have expected to find in martial arts instruction. These people as well as people truly believe that giving to the road to success. Imagine what kind of physical power these people possess from doing learning to kick and bunch the way they do and now the kind of self control these in taking an oath not to use it against another human being.  I watch him guide a child in how not to be bullied and at the same time don’t be the bully. He told him all to use his martial’s art training to get adults and teachers involve helping a bully situation.


Bruce truly wants to give to his community through his school. He teaches self defense, rape prevention, exercise, and offer them for a reason price. He makes a very modest living at all this. He has other community show for holidays to bring people together so everyone around him may have a healthy life. Contact Richmond Black Belt Academy at  604-271-9819



411151 Horseshoe Way

Richmond, BC


His School



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