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Justin Bieber costs a toy maker $100,000

This might sound ridiculous at first but I can see some of this problem.

Justin Bieber change his  hair and as we know it is part of his brand.  Any change to Justin’s style is also a change in marketing. As for anyone making money on his image a change can be costly because of template changes but if you are in this business you have to factor these things or hope you do so well. Not the case for one doll maker.

The left is Justin Bieber’s new do. The right is the doll base on his old style. Jay Foreman the CEO of Bridge Direct was not happy with this change. Every doll he made is now out dated and his company most start over again with a new template of the new image before going to market. This is a $100,000 change that Bridge Direct was not expecting. I am sure that Mr. Foreman and his team with overcome this blow after all Justin Bieber is a teen idol and has on the most popular look of today. Good Luck Bridge Direct!!!!

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