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$39000 Back Pack sells out



Mary-Kate and Ashley have done it. They sold out of the $39000 Back Pack. It was introduced in August and in a few short months they are all sold. There is a lot of people angry and disappointed with the price tag on the  bag and they are even more anger that is sold. These two ladies do give to charity. I say lets see what happens to the money. I agree that at first look over the very alligator bag such a price tag in a snoot to the folks you are wrapped in today’s poor economy but it what you do after the money is made. Shall we give the twins a chance to give the money to a needy group in the United States before we bash them. Not that I am fan of theirs but I am a fan of human nature and I am hopeful that people well always help each other out.

October 9, 2011 - Posted by | Fashion |

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