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Are These Rain Boots Worth $31,000

We all know about the Target Missoni craze. This designer retailer partner ship as been well marketed and accepted to and from the public. For the time the deal was struck marketing team with crazy releasing information to the public about the Missoni designs brought to life by super retailer Target. The products were to be inexpensive and sheik. From the being this is a money making machine to show up anything any other Department store could muster.

When the product hit the store and the website shut down because over load of traffic. Then shortly after that was the short fall of product on the shelve making the feeding frenzy look like nothing ever seen before Elmo the shelves. Ok but Elmo never sold on Ebay for a buy-it-now price of $31,000. This is what one crazed woman has done in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Selling a cheap pair of rain boots for $31,000 and she has had offer but will not back down from the asking price. I thought this was crazy when I saw the listing Yahoo. Shine. These but are a fundraiser for her child’s college tuition they are part of a Missoni rainy day for her daughter who just start college. Now the CNN reporter who the insane price tag doubt she well get the money for the and so do I. I well say this Tammy Lyn of Tulsa, Oklahoma who deserve to find you money. You have attitude and spunk go get them and I hope some invest of maybe even Target helps you find money.

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