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Gross but Safe?

I am not when dirty fashion became good fashion but I have heard weird treatments to make your jean fit better. I have bathed in my jean to make them fit tighter and make them form to my body. The process was quite simple:

  1. Run a warm bath something you would feel comfortable in.
  2. Sit in the tube for 5 to 10 minutes
  3. Walk around in the wet jeans until dry

The end result was a form fitting and comfortable pair of jean. That was the 80’s.

Today there is a totally new way. Wears the jean with washing them until you get the desired result. The article that inspired this blog talks about a person you wore the jean for 15 months without washing. Ok this sounds pretty gross and smelly to me. The bacteria and germs the would grow from not washing your clothes. I thought what a bio hazard to have on your body. This can’t be good for your heath right. According the lab testing not true at all. Ok yes the odor is there but the human bio hazard is not after 15 months the jean were safe to wear no life threatening germ. I am surprised but it is safe. I don’t this is high up on my recommendations of things to do but don’t let stop you. Wear away until you get the jean you truly want.

The following article inspired this blog:


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January 21, 2011 Posted by | Fashion, Uncategorized | | 2 Comments