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The Perfect Sandal for That Outfit This Spring

Open Toe Ankle Multi Strap Sandals/Shoes at Michaels Clogs

Open Toe Ankle Multi Strap Sandals/Shoes at Michael's Clogs

It is funny that I am actual blogging about Spring Foot wear when as I look out my window all I see is snow. Then again I love spring and summer winter snowfalls remind me how I love the warm weather. Then again -1 weather is not so bad here in Surrey, BC in comparison to other area like Toronto or Winnipeg. Brrrrrr that is unthinkable. Anyway cheers to the Spring thaw and the green with colorful flower.
Every spring brings a new array of color. Fashion trends go from golden apricot to shades of purple and to the calming effect of sky blue. Choosing the right color of sandals to match your spring wardrobe will make a statement about your excellent taste in fashion.
Read the latest fashion magazines to identify the hot colors for spring.

Flip Flop Sandals with Star Accents at Michaels Clogs

Flip Flop Sandals with Star Accents at Michael's Clogs

Think in color to bring out the best choices for your sandal collection. Most wardrobes tend to favor one or two colors or shades of the same color. Look for sandals that have multiple shades of color that match your outfits.

Pick up a pair of sandals in neutral shades to wear with all your outfits that are not in a specific color scheme. For instance, if most of your wardrobe is in various tones of blue, you’ll need sandals to wear with those stray pieces in orange, green or purple.

Make a fashion statement this spring when you step out in sandals that dazzle. Color is added to some sandal styles by embellishing the straps with gemstones of different colors. Celebrate any occasion with embellished sandals that match your outfit.

Reverse the normal approach to shopping for your spring wardrobe by buying the sandals first and then finding the right apparel to match. It is sometimes more difficult to find the right sandals to complement an outfit than it is to find an outfit to match the shoes.

Match the color of your sandals to your shirt or top. For instance, a red pair of sandals is a good choice with white capris and a bright red tee.

Take a hint from the flowers that bloom in spring to pick your color for sandals. The choices range from lily white to brilliant purple.

Pick up a pair of thongs to match your cover-up for your swimwear. Cool fashion doesn’t end when you go to the beach.

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