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Does Everyones Feet Look Good in Sandals

To answer this question simply no not everyone is going to look good in sandals. You don’t to look bad in them either. Follow a few step and your toes and heel will look very ok. Yes Guys some of the is for you to.

Scrape or Scrub the dead skin of the bottom of your feet. Use a pumice stone or foot file in the shower but remember soaking for a few minutes in a foot bath is best.

Trim your nail evenly and straight across.

Use a good moisturizer. It will keep the skin nice a young looking. Yes, your age showing through your feet.

Clear Polish is great for Spring and Summer. If you want to wear a color on you great but make it match your skin tone and personality. We all have seen some crazy things work cause it just fits who you are.  Being Daring if that is who you are don’t fake it because it is ok to be you.

Most importantly keep you feet clean. No one want to see dirty feet. I could say there fetishes with dirty feet but shouldn’t we keep that behind closed doors to.

Make your sandal fit. Your foot should come to the edge but not go over. Find the style that allow you foot to sit properly in the shoe.

Lasty have fun showing off your feet. Tramp over the beach in flip flop and stride down the side walk in those strappy heels. Have fun because you feel sexy with your feet.

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