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How to Break in Sandals


  1. Buy the right size. Don’t try to squeeze your feet into sandals that are too small. It’s a good way to do some permanent damage to your toes.
  2. Test a hidden patch on the sandal. Look for a piece of leather that can’t be seen by you or anyone else. Wet it with water and check to see if the color changes. Should the color change, you might not want to wet them.
  3. Put on the sandals and step into a bucket of water. You can forgo the bucket and spritz them with a water spray bottle, too. This trick will cause the sandals to mold to your feet.
  4. Towel off the remaining water. You don’t want the sandals to be dripping all over the place. Wear them until they dry.
  5. Buy a leather moisturizer. If all else fails, leather moisturizer will soften the leather. You can find it a shoe stores or online.
  6. Rub a small amount of the moisturizer on the sandals. Cover the entire shoe. Wait a few minutes and wipe off the excess.


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